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How to Interpret Firdaria

The General Approach

The simplest approach is to use the general symbolism of the planets ruling periods and subperiods. The Moon is associated with family, home, women, emotional life, the Sun symbolises creativity, prominent position, desire to be noticed, to be in the center of events. The period of Jupiter is usually the period of advancement, travelling, active development of one's potential, while South Node brings isolation and forsaken feeling.

This approach is very simple and universal, but it has a serious downside. For example, all those who were born at night, have the same sequence of Firdaria - and as a result, they will have exactly the same sequence of interpretations. The same holds true for all those born by day. But all people are different!

Still, the general interpretation is not completely worthless, especially if the descriptions used are general enough. We can see the prevailing theme for a period, but each of us will understand that theme in a different way, depending on his or her individual experience and the events of the previous periods.

The "Enhanced" General Approach

It is possible to make the general approach somewhat more informative if you consider the planets ruling your Sun Sign, i.e. the Sign of the Zodiac where your Sun was situated at your birth. It is exactly the sign defined by birthday, as used in popular astrology.

I would suggest that the Firdar of the ruler of your Sun Sign shows the period of your life which is more important than other periods in terms of achieving the goals of your life. The planet which has exaltation in your Sun Sign (if any) can also be very important in this respect. Here are the traditional rulers and exalting planets for all twelve Signs of the Zodiac:

  Ruler Exaltation
Aries Mars Sun
Taurus Venus Moon
Gemini Mercury  
Cancer Moon Jupiter
Leo Sun  
Virgo Mercury  
Libra Venus Saturn
Scorpio Mars  
Sagittarius Jupiter  
Capricorn Saturn Mars
Aquarius Saturn  
Pisces Jupiter Venus

For example, if you are an Aries, then Mars and Sun Firdaria can be of a special significance in your life, at least in terms of finding your career, place in society or higher purpose in your life. However, if you are a Taurus, this special significance should be given to Venus and the Moon.

It might be equally important to consider the ruler and the exalting planet of your Moon Sign, this time in terms of creating family, finding your home on the Earth, making roots. Moon Sign cannot be found from just your birthday but there are special calculators that can find this sign for you easily. One of them, Your Moon Sign, can be found at the Lunarium website.

Individual Approach

It is only with individual approach towards interpretation that Firdaria method can show its real power. In this case, time and place of birth are taken in consideration and the real birth chart of the person is built. As a result, we can see the houses occupied by planets, the houses ruled by them, which allows to understand the individual role of each planet in the person's life.

It will also make sense in such approach to consider planet's dignities and debilities as also the aspects formed between them.


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