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What is Firdaria?

Being a method of prediction of the Medieval Astrology, Firdaria draw an outline of a person's life. They associate different periods of life with different planets and thus define which theme will prevail during each of the periods.

The word Firdaria is plural for Firdar, and the latter, although comes to us from Persian Astrology, has the same Greek origin as the English word period. So basically, firdaria means periods of life.

Calculating Firdaria

The purpose of this website is to make the astrological predictions using the ancient method of firdaria available to everyone, and to give you an opportunity to check whether it works for you and what benefits the knowledge of your firdaria can bring you.

The good thing about firdaria is that they are so easy to calculate. Usually, the methods of medieval astrology are quite tedious, they can be difficult to grasp even for reasonably experienced contemporary astrologers.

Firdaria method only requiresthe the knowledge of the length and the sequence of periods for each planet. You also need to know the difference between the day birth and the night birth, but then you can do all the calculations on a piece of paper.

However, to make things really easy for you, I've created a Firdaria Calculator, which will make all the calculations in a split of a second. However, if you would prefer to know every detail of how the calculations are done then there is also a detailed description of this method of prediction.

Interpreting Firdaria

As it is always with astrology, calculating is one thing, but then we need to understand what the result of the calculation means - we need to interpret the result. Interpretation of firdaria can be as simple or as sophisticated as you wish. For a basic interpretation, you only need to have an idea of the astrological symbolism of the planets. In this case, you can easily spot potentially the most favorable and the most difficult periods in one's life but you will not get many details of what's going to happen then.

An advanced interpretation requires the knowledge of horoscopic astrology: planets in signs, their dignities and debilities, their position in the houses of a horoscope, aspects between planets - that kind of thins. The more factors you will take into consideration, the more detailed will be your understanding of the person's firdaria. I have a series of free astrology lessons, and in those lessons I am planning to gradually explain, step by step, all of the most important concepts of astrology.

Examples of Firdaria

Theory is good, but nothing can replace a good practical example. This is why I am planning to have a number of detailed examples of both basic and advanced interpretations demonstrating how firdaria worked in the lives of celebrities.

The first example is firdaria for George W. Bush, and it demonstrates quite well how even the most basic understanding of planets can give a substantial amount of information about someone's life, but also how the facts from the natal chart add more detail to the interpretation.

I am planning to add more examples of firdaria interpretation.

Firdaria News

April 29, 2012: Modified the Firdaria Calculator to reflect both the original Zoller's version of the night sequence, and the Rob Hand's version. The explanations can be found at the Method Description page. All explanations regarding interpretation were moved to the Interpretation page, but more work is needed there.

April 28, 2012: Completely rewrote the firdaria example for George W. Bush.

April 12, 2012: Five years later, I came to revive this website and make the powerful method of firdaria better known to people around the world.


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